The first minutes of a movie, the first seconds of  a music, the first hour of your day. All success starts with a good introduction.


I didn't build my morning ritual when I had already achieved success.


I achieved success BECAUSE I had been practicing my morning ritual for 15 years.


In this video I share my personal routine, with my favorite techniques from Hadu, Yoga, and Tao. Clear explanations. And a second video where I do the exercises at the same time as you.

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My name is Jean-Marie CORDA, and I want to be a street artist. A " TRUE " street artist.

I played my first show at the age of 13. Alone, spontaneously, and... in the street. Next to the market square, a band of Peruvians played music for the tourists.They were there almost every night, selling their CDs.


My grandmother bought some of them. She thought it was great. I knew it was crap. But in the meantime: they were making money.


So one night when the place was free, I went there.




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Time is YOUR most precious resource.
Even the richest people on the planet cannot buy time.

They can maximize their time, but once it evaporates, they can't get it back.
It is lost forever.


I finally found the perfect recipe.

And for several years now, I have been applying a simple method that everyone can use on a daily basis: TIME DOMINATION

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You want to increase your productivity ?


You want to get more energy ?


You explain your situation to me, and I'll set up a training program tailored to your needs!

Private consultations are online and confidential.

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